House Rules

5-A-Side rules apply. Extra “house rules” our group abide by:

– October 1 – May 31 we play indoors. (Max: 12 players),    June 1 – September 30 we play outside. (Max: 22 players)
(Facilities permitting)
– If you are unable to play on the day of football, you must make aware the group chat by 12pm or get a 10-point deduction.
– Team sheet will be posted in the group chat on a Thursday evening.
– Washing of the bibs will be done weekly. It is polite to offer, and the responsibility for this is shared.
– Each member of the team must go in goal for an equal amount of time.
i.e., 5 minutes per half if it is 5-a-Side with 25 minute halves.
(Unless a member of that team chooses to go in goal for longer, or is too injured for outfield play)
– No one is allowed in the area apart from the goalkeeper.   The goalkeeper cannot leave the area.
– Goal scorers to record their goal + player who assisted them in the notebook promptly.
– No cheeky goals during a goalkeeper changeover. (play should stop)
– Everyone who is playing must help with setting up the equipment and taking down the equipment.
Please arrive 15 minutes before kick-off to help, and warm up.
– No smoking on the pitch or surrounding areas.
– No studded footwear.

We aim to cover the cost of the hall each week.
Any surplus goes towards new balls, bibs, et al.
No refund offered if you drop out. (We still need to pay the venue)

Last updated: 09/01/2024