Ashford Orange vs Ashford Green

May 12, 2023


As we inch closer to the 4th match of this nail-biting season, the Greens are perched atop the table like a proud peacock, strutting their 3-point lead. The question now is whether they can double their advantage to a hefty 6 points, or if the Oranges will rise like a phoenix from the ashes, catching up to sit side-by-side with the Greens. It’s like watching a suspenseful reality show – only with more sweat. So, who will emerge victorious in this riveting rivalry?

Last Game

At Ashford School, the Green and Orange teams clashed in a riveting match. The Greens took a 3-0 lead, only for Simon to switch to the Oranges. Despite the switch, the Greens led 5-3 at the break. The Oranges fought hard in the second half, but the Green’s defence held firm. The match concluded 12-10 in favour of the Greens.


In an intensely paced game of football, the Greens and Oranges engaged in a tight competition. This match, one of the most challenging of the season, was filled with action, including some unfortunate encounters between the ball and players’ faces, fingers and testicles, as well as first-time goals for some players.

The Oranges began the match strongly, taking an early lead. Despite this advantage, the game was played at a high tempo, with quick switches from one end to the other. Clearly, everyone had reserved their energy for this gripping match.

James S and Mike G were formidable in front of goal for their respective teams, both scoring an impressive 16 goals each so far this season! Shane, their closest competitor, was in third place with 8 goals. In terms of assists, Simon was leading with 7, closely followed by Jamie B with 6, and Mike G with 5.

The Oranges went into the half-time break leading 5-2. The Greens, with a significant disadvantage, had a mountain to climb in the second half. Despite their improved performance in the second half, with a scoreline of 5-4, the Oranges’ dominant first half was too much to overcome. They ultimately won the game 10-6.

During this intense match, there was a wild 5-minute period where nearly everyone suffered some form of injury, be it a shot to the testicles, face, or a bent finger.

The Oranges’ goal tally included the first goals of the season and two for Jamie B, six for James S, and one each for Sim and Dan.

The Greens’ goals were scored by Mike G, who netted 4, and Shane and Steve, who each scored one. Bill S and Jamie stood out in assists, providing 3 each for their respective teams. Here’s hoping the upcoming games maintain this level of intensity, albeit with fewer testicle shots.

Footnote: Jamie B has played in all games and maintained a 100% win record so far. Is he a good luck charm, or is a reversal of fortunes in store for him next week?

Man of the Match
John M

As It Stands

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Ashford Orange 4 2 0 2 32 35 0 6
2 Ashford Green 4 2 0 2 35 32 0 6



Date Time League Season Full Time
May 12, 2023 7:00 pm Ashford League Summer 23 60'


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
Ashford Green246Loss
Ashford Orange5510Win

Ashford Green

Ashford Orange

Michael M
7Jamie B
9James S
10+3Sim M
16Dan V
  10 9


Ashford School Hall
Ashford School Sports Centre, East Hill, Willesborough, Ashford, Kent, England, TN24 8PA, United Kingdom